Rijkswaterstaat – May 2, 2023

A look behind the scenes at Rijkswaterstaat's YouTube channel. This time about the use of the Go-Barry on project A2 near Wessem. “The advantages of the Go-Barry are that we shield road traffic from road workers, and they are physically separated so that they can work safely on the road,” says Sjoerd Methorst of […]

magazinesrijkswaterstaat.nl / Hand in hand for optimal innovation

The smart mobile barrier Go-Barry makes the road safer for road users and road workers during work. The idea for the innovation came from Thijs Hagedoorn, chief executor at Boskalis, and was implemented in close collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat. 'It quickly became clear that the mobile barrier is not something you should want to keep to yourself.' Read […]


A smart, remote-controlled road barrier simplifies and speeds up roadworks. This is stated by Boskalis and Rijkswaterstaat, who are now testing the innovative smart barrier on the A2. Barriers are unavoidable during road works. As a rule, pylons or closed barriers are erected. The latter provide road workers with much more safety, but they have the disadvantage that setting up and removing [...]

Rijkswaterstaat \ First: mobile barrier on the A2

In collaboration with Boskalis Netherlands, we are using the Go-Barry for the first time during work on the A2 near the Maasbrug near Wessem. The Go-Barry is a smart movable traffic barrier of 200 m that can be controlled remotely. It is the first time worldwide that this innovative traffic barrier has been used. The idea […]

1Limburg \ First: intelligent road closure in Limburg

Rijkswaterstaat is using a remote-controlled road barrier for the first time during road works in the Netherlands. This happens during work on the A2 near the Maasbrug near Wessem. According to Rijkswaterstaat, it is a worldwide first. The Go-Barry, as the barrier is officially called, is 200 meters long and can be controlled remotely. read more