Inside, it's a technological breakthrough in smart dynamic safety.

Project deployment A2 – Wessem
With the deployment of a 200 meter long Go-Barry on the A2 near Wessem, a new milestone has been reached in the development of the Go-Barry.
A major impact on this project, because otherwise an important traffic artery would have had to be closed for maintenance.
No nuisance for drivers, but a safe environment for our road workers! See here how the Go-Barry was used on this project.

From the outside, the Go-Barry may still resemble the static barrier as we know it today, but inside it is a technological breakthrough in smart dynamic safety. The electric drive and radio remote control save the environment and drivers and road workers stay out of the danger zone.
In addition, the Go-Barry is equipped with smart sensors that register the impact of a collision, but can also measure traffic intensity and speed. For example, we have live data that we can use for an even safer way of working.